15 Defaced Textbooks That Are So Funny We Couldn’t Stop Laughing While Picking Them for You


You are probably familiar with the feeling of rage and anger when you buy or borrow a book from a library or school and find it vandalized. But in some rare cases, you can’t help but laugh – and laugh hard – as the textbook vandalism turns out to be hilarious.

Bright Side gathered proof that sometimes defaced textbooks can be brilliant and make you smile. Let’s see if you have ever come across textbooks like these before. At the end, you’ll get to see the best teacher of the century!

15. I would be so much more into studying if all the books were like this!

14. The element of surprise came into play when I received my exam grade.

13. So this is the book Marilyn Monroe once studied?

12. And that’s why our kids think that people always had computers – it’s what their history books say!

11. Figure 4: Patrick Starfish!

10. My reaction to extra hours of chemistry added to our school syllabus:

9. Today’s lesson: if you see anybody popping up in front of you, just push him down!

8. What an interesting library!

7. I’ve spotted a true Haddaway fan!

6. When there is one piece left:

5. Hello, you! Wanna do something else instead of studying?!

4. The identity of Davy Jones is revealed: a Danish physicist named Niels Bohr

3. Then I would tell you that you are not Morpheus!

2. Me every time I have to review:

1. The basics of history: whoever documents it can make a good guy be a bad guy!

Bonus: When your teacher is even more hilarious than you are!

Are you OK with somebody writing or drawing in a book? Do you prefer secondhand or new books? Share your answers in the comments below!

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